Vdo recruited staff administrative staff working in Hanoi


– Development and implementation of work processes: recruitment process, training process and organization, job description system for each position of personnel to be recruited for each department, Work, check and evaluate personnel periodically

. – Inspecting, supervising and adjusting the implementation of the internal rules and regulations of the Company and separate organizational and managerial regulations of each department.

– In charge of personnel recruitment for departments in the Company: Receive, consider, handle, submit to the Director for approval recruitment requirements of the department sent; Planning and implementation of recruitment, online recruitment system (paid, free, social networking), Offline (working with job placement centers, student union Colleges, colleges, councils, …). Directly deploy recruitment (transcription staffing, receiving recruitment needs, recruitment, screening, assessing recruitment, reviewing and negotiating candidates) Organize, arrange the interview candidates round 1 for candidates who meet the requirements of the records; Support and recruit staff positions for department heads according to recruiting needs. Arrange interview schedule for next rounds (if any); Completing procedures for accepting new staff: Salary agreement, send letter of invitation to take the job, ask candidates to supplement the application.

– Implementing social insurance: Implementing the increase and decrease (if any) Comparing and carrying out procedures for payment of social insurance Implementing regimes for employees (sickness, maternity, postpartum convalescence, sick leave) – Solving labor relations with employees: Developing the regulations on compensation, benefits, attracting and encouraging laborers to work. Signing labor contracts with employees when they are about to expire, informing the sections to evaluate, submit to the management for approval and complete the following procedures. Organize the management and completion of procedures, labor contracts, insurance and management of labor records, personnel; Update company staff. Resolving the layoffs, handling disciplinary violations. Planning and monitoring the implementation of corporate activities, physical training and sports, spiritual life and culture of the Company.

– In charge of personnel evaluation periodically every 3, 6 months: Periodically, 3, 6 months to carry out the personnel assessment to the department, the department To sum up the evaluation results, submit to the director for approval. too. – Training support: Develop internal corporate culture training materials, training company rules for new employees. Develop a soft skills training plan for staff in each department. – Working with relevant agencies.

– Time to receive the file until 30/06/2017

– Candidates can apply directly at the company office by the time: (morning: 8.30 – 11.30, 13h30 – 16h45) Or submit online at e-mail: tuyendung @ vdo .com.vn; Minhnv@vdo.vn

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