VDO Trading is one of the IT companies specializing in providing the best value products, solutions, services and information technology systems and copyrighted software in Vietnam. For customers, partners

Trade and distribution

Partners of many leading corporations in the world in Vietnam

As a partner and official distributor of server hardware, workstations, storage devices, network devices and security devices such as HP, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Cisco, SuperMicro, Fujitsu, Intel, Juniper, Qnap, Netapp, Thecus, … As a product supplier and official distributor of software license for system, server, security, office, multimedia Microsoft Office, Oracle, SAP, VMware, Adobe, Autodesk, Corel, Redhat, Antivirus, etc. VDO Trading Founded in 2009, specializing in providing and distributing hardware and software products, VDO Trading has become a high-level and prestigious partner of VDO Trading for nearly 10 years. Nh Leading IT corporation in the world in Vietnam. With a wide network of 63 cities and provinces across the country, the motto of mutual benefit.

VDO Trading is committed to bringing maximum value to our clients' IT projects

Information Technology services

Our team of consultants is equipped with the knowledge necessary to accurately assess the problem of application problems and use the information technology system in the production and business activities of customers. To bring the highest stability to the information technology system. From there, support customers to analyze, understand the technology issues from the perspective of business and market needs to provide appropriate solutions and services. We always want to provide our customers with the best technology solutions and services that meet the exact technological requirements of the technology they want as well as their investment efficiency. Optimized fee, enhanced to better serve the corporate governance, production and business objectives of the corporate customer organization

Information technology solution

Together with a team of leading technology experts, VDO Trading always advises and develops strategic solutions suitable to each customer. Our commitment to our customers is not just about providing the ultimate overall solution, but also, combined with our strategic partners in both hardware and software, along with collaboration. Closely with leading IT companies such as Oracle, VMware, IBM, Microsoft … we strive to help our customers turn technology into a competitive advantage in all business operations.